Six Promises I Made to My Blog

Blogging was always an unattainable dream for me. Not because it isn’t easy to create a blog – literally anyone can sit down and start writing posts. But for me, blogging has and always will be an act motivated by a desire to write content that compels, inspires, and catches the delicate webbing of one’s soul. My writing has always been grounded in a desire for perfectionism, for my words to interlock in sounds and imagery.

It took me years before I took the plunge in January and bought my blog domain, Though I find New Year’s a day of unfulfilled promises, I organized Fung Shui for hours, starting off the first three hours of 2017 hunched over my laptop and trying out about 25 different blog themes.

But the real struggle of starting a blog is never the first few hours of poring through colours and searching for that elusive font you found years ago. The struggle is writing and developing content that you are proud of, and feel that others will want to read.

Before I even started writing my first post for Fung Shui, I laid out some ground rules. These promises have hovered in my mind for months, waiting to be concretized in writing. Now, as I go further and further into this wonderful rabbit hole, is a better time than any to share my promises, as they are as much promises to myself as they are to Fung Shui.


Write what I want, not what others want.

I never want to create posts just because I feel like I need to. I want to write out of passion, and if I need to slug through post after post of content my heart isn’t into, then why even bother to blog?

I understand that blogging is a commitment, and not every blog post I write is something I’ll be 100% passionate about. But what I choose to blog about is my decision and mine alone. If I blog about topics just to gain readership, then what kind of message does my writing convey? Without integrity, how can anyone reading my blog find enjoyment in it? How can find enjoyment in it?


Be honest 

To an extent, everything we post, share, and do is a performance. How much that performance is a true representation of our personal identity is a choice we make multiple times every day.

I want my blog to be an honest reflection. Honest about myself, my thoughts, my feelings, and everything in between. Transparency is important to me, and so too should it be to my blog.


Post every Sunday and Thursday 

I knew going into this blog that I would need a set schedule. This schedule is open for change later on if evaluation is needed, but for now, this is it. Every Sunday and every Thursday, I will be publishing a new blog post.


Post daily on Instagram

I think it goes without saying that social media is one of the biggest components of anything that resides online. Without regular engagement, how can I expect people to know about my blog, let alone read it? Social media promises include regular updates on Twitter and Facebook as well, but for now, Instagram is my highest priority for social media networking.

Psst. If you don’t follow me on Instagram, find me @fung.shui


Treat Fung Shui like a business 

This may sound off-putting for some readers, but this is a promise I made to myself early on in the planning stages. Much like any business, blogs require commitment, dedication, and hard work. If I view my blog as just a side hobby, my posts will begin to lack in quality. I may start to veer off my set schedule. My social media might not be regularly updated.

By treating Fung Shui like a business, I am committing myself fully to this new adventure. There’s no turning back. I am dedicating time out of every day to tweet, like, favourite, post, share, read, write, etc. If I don’t view Fung Shui as a business I have put my heart and soul into, then how can I even begin to tell myself that everything I just listed out is worth it?

Sure, writing is my passion, but on a personal level, my time and efforts must lead to somewhere. Wherever that may be, I am unsure. But I am sure that by viewing my blog with the same level of commitment an owner of a local business might, I will be dedicated to creating Fung Shui into the best version of itself.


Be proud of yourself 

Pride in oneself is not vanity. It is an acknowledgement of your accomplishments, and it is the courage to see in oneself the strength that others do. Too often we stress over what could have been or what could be before recognizing the achievements of our past.

I am proud of myself for creating a blog and sharing my thoughts and writing. I am proud of my accomplishments, especially over the past year. I am proud that I have developed more confidence, skills, and experiences in the last year than in any other year of my life.

This pride I have in myself wanes and waxes like the moon. By writing this down, I hope that in times of negativity, I can remember the good. In reading this, I hope you also recognize the reasons why you should be proud of yourself. There are always reasons to be proud of oneself, and they aren’t often hidden deep.

Let me know of any promises you have made to your blog!


2 thoughts on “Six Promises I Made to My Blog

  1. “Pride in oneself is not vanity. It is an acknowledgement of your accomplishments, and it is the courage to see in oneself the strength that others do. Too often we stress over what could have been or what could be before recognizing the achievements of our past.” …We all need to hear more of this. You have made a beautiful and elegant blog. I enjoyed reading!

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