Calgary’s Rolled Ice Cream Scene

The first time I had rolled ice cream I was in foodie heaven. It was in Vancouver’s famous night market and it was everything I had hoped rolled ice cream would be. I had creeped Instagram and online videos with rolled ice cream before, but eating it for the first time, it was so good my boyfriend and I decided to buy another rolled ice cream before we left the night market.

If you haven’t heard of Rolled Ice Cream or Thailand Fried Ice Cream, you are in for a sweet treat. With roots in Asia, rolled ice cream is now trending across the United States and Canada largely thanks to 10Below Ice Cream in New York.

But if you live in Calgary like I do, you don’t have to travel to different parts of the world just to get a taste of this confection.


Sweet Tooth Ice Cream recently opened, but it’s already bustling with customers. Even in the cold Calgary weather, I’m still desperate to get my hands on Sweet Tooth’s rolled ice cream at least once a month. Located in Calgary’s Chinatown and steps away from Lion’s Gate Bridge, Sweet Tooth has already made its mark.

Ice Cream choices range from The Hulk, a matcha rolled ice cream, to My Friends R’ Nuts, a classic ice cream flavour of Nutella with chopped nuts. It’s easy to see how Sweet Tooth has garnered so many customers in so little time.

I recently had both My Friends R’ Nuts and Yellow Fever, a mango ice cream. So far, My Friends R’ Nuts is my favourite. It has the perfect balance of chocolate and nuts, and I think I could have two in a row if my boyfriend didn’t stop me.

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My boyfriend had Yellow Fever, which is delicious, but not my favourite. The mangoes used are real mangoes, which is amazing, but their flavour doesn’t come through as much as the rich chocolate in my ice cream.

I think if you want to make the most out of your rolled ice cream trip, you want to order an ice cream that incorporates several different flavours, rather than just a single one like mango. While still delicious, Yellow Fever doesn’t compare to the layers of flavour that My Friends R’ Nuts hold.

Sweet Tooth is a regular stop for me now. If I’m ever in Chinatown, I know I’ll be heading over. As a permanent shop in Chinatown, with the business they’re generating, and the lovely people who work there, I wouldn’t be surprised if I see Sweet Tooth booming over the next year.

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