4 Books I Never Wanted to End

There’s always going to be those books you wish went on for ages. Those 300 pages just aren’t enough – you want the book to continue for another 300 more, and 300 more after that. These books are absolute treasures, and I covet every word.

I adore these novels. For most of the books I’ve listed below, I knew from the first few pages that I never wanted to finish turning their pages.



Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman 

Gaiman is one of my all-time favourite authors. His writing enraptures you in a magical world of surreal settings, complex characters, and incredible imagery. Although all of Gaiman’s writing is great, Neverwhere has always been the one I’ve loved most. Gaiman is more than just fantasy – his use of language creates a world we cannot hope to escape from.


The Glass Castle by Jeanette Walls 

The moment I started reading The Glass CastleI knew I would love it. The writing itself is sublime, and the overall narrative carries difficult stories, themes, and reflections with grace. I am inspired by Walls’ ability to write so honestly about her past, and cannot wait to read more of her work – currently, The Silver Star, is sitting on my desk waiting for me to start.


Charmed Life by Diana Wynne Jones 

Jones’ writing has always carried a nostalgic tone for me, one that reminds me of the fantastical stories I read as a child, but maintaining a level of insight and language that will entice any reader. Although this is a children’s novel, I carry so much joy whenever I remember the wonderful character of Chrestomanci, and this strange world of magic, castles, and whimsy.

Although you may think you haven’t heard of Jones, her novel, Howl’s Moving Castle, is the inspiration behind Studio Ghibli’s animated movie.


Ru by Kim Thuy

A mix between prose and poetry, Thuy’s writing explores the grief and struggle of Vietnamese refugees coming to Canada. The subtleties and nuances of this work are what made me buy the book after reading a couple pages while browsing in Indigo.

The Canadian refugee experience is one that is explored more and more through literature, as evidenced through The Beauty of Humanity Movement by Camilla Gibb, and is an important experience that I’m sure will be further unpacked in future works.



Let me know if you’ve read these, and comment below your favourite novels that you wish never ended!

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