Unicorn Frappucino Is Here!

You’ve heard it right – the unicorn frappucino is a real creature that is only available when you believe.

I was lucky enough to receive a unicorn frappucino early on in the craze, and managed to snag some photos before all the whip cream melted. It’s definitely pretty and bold, and caters to the summer buzz right now. Who isn’t ready to relax with a neon pink and blue frappucino?

First thing’s first: this frappucino is exactly as the rumours claimed. The pink stuff is ridiculously sweet, and the blue stuff is as sour as a warhead candy if eaten alone. Used in the drink is mango syrup, and once you know that, you’ll be able to taste the slight tropical flavour of the mango. I liken the drink to the artificial flavour of sweet tart candy, but apparently others think that it tastes a lot like Tropical Skittles, and what with the mango syrup, I can totally see it.

The drink overall is good, but not great. It’s definitely an over-the-top sweet drink, and while the sweet and sour is fun, the drink is not something I will likely order again. To be honest though, I might just order it again because it’s just so goddamn pretty. Also, the sour stuff is kind of addictive if you like sour.

Seriously though, I think Starbucks made an amazing move on this drink. While it certainly doesn’t speak to a lot of audiences, it definitely speaks to a certain one. With spring around the corner and the aesthetic of bright colours popping in, it’s no surprise that Starbucks wanted to jump on the bandwagon of integrating mythical creatures into pop culture.

What with the whole mermaid trend last year (and still kind of happening?), I’m surprised that Starbucks didn’t create a sea green-blue drink to commemorate their already mermaid-branded name. Now, though, they are ready.

This unicorn frappucino is one of the first items I’ve seen on their menu that is so well-targeted. I’m sure baristas everywhere will be getting sick of this colourful drink, though I doubt this drink will be going anywhere soon if the amount of excitement is an indicator of how it will sell.


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