April Faves

It feels like a week ago that I wrote my March Faves blog post – can it really already be time for April Favourites?! That’s insane that we’re already a THIRD of the way into 2017, which means I only have about two thirds of a year left to accomplish everything I want to. AKA I need to learn everything I possibly can about blogging, and read and write about 10x more than I’m currently doing.

So far, April has been a pretty crazy and amazing month. I finished my 101 page story (are you tired of hearing about this yet?), I finished my third and final work term with a fantastic office, and I got a job!

Yes, I got that job I was dying for. I get to immerse myself in the social media landscape in a professional capacity. This position doesn’t start until Fall, which in some cases may be unfortunate, but for me, I’m desperate to find more time to focus on Fung Shui, and this is the perfect opportunity. Anyway, that was a quick update on the job search (it wasn’t much of a job search tbh, I only applied for this one position and prayed to the heavens). Here are my April Favourites, from favourite restaurant to favourite makeup, I have favourites abounding.


Favourite Restaurant: Azzurri Pizzeria 

This may come as no surprise for those of you who follow my Instagram, but Azzurri Pizzeria off Calgary’s 16th Ave is literally the best Neapolitan-style pizza I’ve ever had. Mind you, I’ve never been to Italy so I can’t make a just comparison for those who have, but in all of the Neapolitan pizzerias in YYC, Azzurri is by far the best.

The crust is chewy, crisp, and with the right amount of char to add a bitterness to complement the sweet tomato sauce. The pizza is made right in front of you, with quick glimpses of the dough flying into the air, and is delivered fresh to your table. I can’t say enough about Azzurri, so I suppose you’ll have to try it yourself (even if you don’t live in Calgary!).


Favourite Book: The Miracle of Mindfulness 

On my last day of work, my co-workers bought me some gifts as a going away present. Included was a book by the Vietnamese Buddhist monk, Thich Nhat Hanh.

The book explores mindfulness, and was originally written as a letter to encourage morale and as a reminder to practice peace and mindfulness every day. I’m one of those people who have a hard time finding the peace in the everyday. I feel like I’m bouncing off walls, with past and future concerns racing through my head. But with this book, there’s even a section about enjoying washing your dishes.

While I can’t say that this book has revolutionized my way of thinking, it has encouraged me to enjoy the present moment more than I have before. After all, the past and the future aren’t ever going to be as enjoyable as the single moment of the present.

I have a few other amazing books I recommend in an earlier blog post, including a memoir and some fantasy.


Favourite TV Show: Jane the Virgin

Okay, so this TV show is currently my bread and butter. I am absolutely addicted to this show, and watched about two seasons in three weeks. I’ve become so attached to the characters that I feel physical and emotional turmoil for them each and every episode. If you haven’t watched Jane the Virgin, go now. 

A quick premise: Jane, a virgin, gets accidentally artificially inseminated with the sperm of a very rich, very handsome hotel owner on the day that she gets proposed to by her fiancé. Sounds kind of crazy, and it is, so go watch it.


Favourite Makeup Product: ColourPop’s Liquid Lipstick in Love Bug 

Once I tried liquid lipsticks, I never went back. They stay on for ages, and don’t smudge past your lip line once dry.

ColourPop has the best liquid lipstick formula I’ve tried. The formula is thick, but easy to move around so any mistakes can be quickly corrected. This lipstick DOES NOT BUDGE. I could eat a salad full of olive oil and I would still have a decent amount of lipstick left over. The only issue with this lipstick is that it does make your lips look and feel dry, but I’ll take that any day over something that’ll smear across my face.

Love Bug is also such a cute shade. Shout out to my friend Andrea for buying it for me as a gift – you’re a natural lipstick shade-picker. It’s perfect for anything, whether you want a subtle day look, or a fancy evening one.


Favourite Date Activity: Board Game Cafe

I’m one of those people who sits at home, lounges on the couch, and moans about how bored I am and how little I have to do. Well, at least I did before I started blogging. Now, it’s more like I sit with Chris and we both moan about how we don’t have any cute date locations or things to do.

I don’t know if you have this where you are, but board game cafes are cropping up like rabbits everywhere. The appeal is for sure there – we all love board games, and with some cute decor, lattes, and pastries, these board game cafes have roped us in.

Going with three or more friends is highly recommended (having only two makes for a somewhat lacklustre board game), but it’s still an adorable date idea! Even if there’s only two of you, and maybe you’re going on a first date, these board game cafes bring out the cute, hilarious side in everyone.


These are my April favourites! Comment below links to your own April Favourites blog posts, or just tell me your favourites so I can check them out myself!


22 thoughts on “April Faves

  1. Great post! Love reading everyone’s new finds every month and what they loved. That novel you read sounds really interesting so I might just have to give it a read.

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  2. I love this April favs post! I haven’t heard of many of the things you mention above, but I definitely want to check out that book, It sounds interesting and I love that it reminds you to be in the present moment which I struggle with at times. I need to try liquid lipstick and am glad that you highly recommend the ColourPop brand. Thanks for sharing these! xoxo, Christine

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  3. That lipstick is a must try! Recently I’ve been looking into more stain lipsticks and just bought one from Milani cosmetics, but would love to try this one out too. Also, I’d love to read that book, it sounds like something I’d need right now. Actually, I’ll make that my goal for this month! 🙂

    Sabina | I’ve Got Sunshine

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