#YYCTacoFiesta Anejo Restaurant

Calgary’s 2017 Taco Fiesta invites restaurants from across the city to come up with some delicious taco concoctions. For each item bought in connection to the YYC Taco Fiesta, some proceeds go towards two charities: The Calgary Homeless Foundation and Kids Up Front. I don’t think I need to go into the details as to why this is a great initiative, but I believe every little bit counts towards serving those who are a part of our community.

Many restaurants are participating in YYC Taco Fiesta, including Anejo on 4th Street. I’ve passed by Anejo so many times, and every time, I peep a little further in until finally, I couldn’t take it anymore and reserved a table. The restaurant is a fun, lively spot with a patio if you want to soak up some sun, and a ridiculously large bar full of tequila (I don’t drink, but I can appreciate the commitment).

I’ve heard so many good things about Anejo’s tacos, so naturally, Chris and I got nine tacos and devoured them within about 10 minutes. Of course, we ordered the YYC Taco Fiesta special, which were three fried chicken tacos with mole sauce, three pork tacos, and three chorizo tacos. We were very tempted to order the pork belly tacos, but figured that if we were having fried chicken, we probably should keep our food on the lighter side.

Anejo YYC Taco Fiesta
Anejo’s YYCTacoFiesta Crispy Chicken Taco

The YYC Taco Fiesta special was good, but not my favourite out of the bunch. The chicken was crisp, the sauce was flavourful, and as usual in tacos, the shredded vegetables offer a fresh bite. My problem with the taco was that it was too rich for my taste, and I could only down one before moving onto the shredded pork and chorizo ones. It’s definitely a novelty taco where you share one each with your friends, instead of eating all three yourself.

The star of the show were the juicy, rich pork tacos. Oh my god, these tacos were the best bites of pork I’ve had. The flavour was almost sweet which was surprising, and the texture of the soft meat and the crisp cabbage created a perfect, satisfying bite. Do not come to Anejo without ordering the pork tacos. You’ll regret it.

Anejo Taco 1
Anejo’s Pork Taco

Lastly, the chorizo tacos were spicy, but not overly so. These ones were actually Chris’ favourite of the night because he’s addicted to spice, and the meat was cooked until soft and melt-in-your-mouth delicious. I’m a bit disappointed we didn’t try the beef tacos because I have a sneaking suspicion that they are fantastic, but in the end, there’s only so much you can stuff into your stomach.

Anejo is a must-try in Calgary’s food scene. Their food is fresh, delicious, and all around, the perfect taco (at least for me)! Situated on 4th Street, there’s plenty of places for you to explore before or after your taco experience, including Yann Haute’s Patisserie full of beautiful macarons.

I wish I had the chance to try out more YYC Taco Fiesta specials from other restaurants, and who knows, I just might be able to! The Taco Fiesta doesn’t end until Sunday, May 7, which means you have time to get yourself into a taco place ASAP. If you follow my Instagram, you might just see tacos cropping up sooner rather than later if I have the chance to try out another location.

Anejo Chorizo Taco
Anejo’s Chorizo Taco





4 thoughts on “#YYCTacoFiesta Anejo Restaurant

  1. OMGeee first those tacos look bomb and what a great initiative to invite people to try awesome food and help out the community as well. I LOVE LOVE LOVE pork tacos and think they are the BEST compared to any other tacos…however I still have to try a seafood taco as fish tacos are good but don’t compare. This post and the photos made me so hungry but I loved this post. Thanks for sharing!

    xoxo from Madrid

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