Happy Mother’s Day: 22 Things I’m Grateful For During the 22 Years My Mom has been a Mom

Happy Mother’s Day!

I love my mom, and I know this sounds cheesy, but she is fearless, brave, and strong in ways I haven’t yet experienced. To recognize how much I love my mom on this day of mom-indulgence and mom-happiness, I wrote down twenty two things I’m grateful for during the twenty two years my mom has been a mom.

My mom maintains a stunning garden, and she’s not ashamed to tell you how proud she is of it. She’s even taken on the back-breaking project of tearing up half the lawn to create a bed of pebbles and grass, and to be honest, I had no faith in its final outcome. But surprise, surprise, my mom was right – it looks pretty good despite only being a quarter of the way complete.

As a small part of her Mother’s Day gift, included in this post are some pictures of her gardening efforts. The transient nature of flowers and plants is a part of the beauty, but memorializing the first blooms of Spring 2017 is a small undertaking I hope my mom enjoys.

red flower garden

22 Things I’m Grateful For During the 22 Years My Mom Has Been a Mom

  1. Carrying her burdens silently, even though she shouldn’t
  2. Self-sacrificing herself every day, especially when she drove me to figure skating practice at 6:00 in the morning, 4:00 in the afternoon, and again at 7:00 in the evening, and still making time to ensure we had everything we needed
  3. Never embellishing my accomplishments or downplaying my failures, but approaching learning in a meaningful and constructive way
  4. Taking walks together
  5. Cooking pasta for me on the days she knows our family is cooking food my brother and I won’t enjoy
  6. Driving me literally everywhere. It doesn’t matter how far or when – she’s always there to make sure I’m home safe
  7. Telling me to carry bear spray to highly populated hiking trails (I still think it’s unnecessary to bring bear spray to a hiking trail with 150+ people, mom)
  8. Being present in my life, and constantly telling me her thoughts and offering her advice
  9. Teaching me how to do my laundry
  10. Indulging in a ridiculous amount of tv binge-watching, and recently starting on the series Fresh Blood (my mom’s watched some episodes three times over already)
  11. Accepting my obsession with food, and tagging along to a bunch of random restaurants I found online
  12. Guiding me through late night talks, hugs, and a few tear-stained pillows
  13. Sending me random pictures of my dog while I’m away from home
  14. Gardening like a maniac, and making our home garden the prettiest in the neighbourhood
  15. Walking me through my banking and tax information because who knows what I would do if I didn’t have her with me
  16. Reading every single one of my blog posts
  17. Trying to create an Instagram account just so she can follow my @fung.shui Instagram account, and failing, but trying anyway
  18. Supporting my creative writing and blogging adventures, and my brother’s music adventures
  19. The way we both roll our eyes the same way, and “tut” the same way when we’re annoyed
  20. Having the same shoe size
  21. How she’s right about most things in life even when I don’t want her to be
  22. Being my mom

blue flower

bird garden ornament

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