Shopping Haul: Indigo Books vs. Three Gift Cards

I live in Canada, which means that instead of Barnes & Nobles, we have Indigo/Coles/Chapters book stores which are all owned by the same company. Lately, they’ve been converting all stores to Indigo, meaning that a lot of merchandise is beginning to focus on home and lifestyle products, like candles, Matt & Nat handbags, alphabet lightboxes, and the like.

A lot of people may find this offensive. We’re going into a bookstore to peruse books, not be blasted with scarves, blankets, and motivational quotes to be framed and hanged above our work desk. However, I more than welcome the Indigo overhaul. I actually enjoy browsing the lifestyle section of Indigo, where I can come across a pretty candle, a new Bullet Journal, some things I never knew I wanted like a string of fairy lights.

Armed with three hoarded gift cards of unknown amounts, I stepped into Indigo determined to use every cent, but nothing more than five dollars over. I’ve been trying to restrict my spending habits, what with the ridiculous amount of food I eat – I think I’m going out for lunch in just a little bit here.

Anyway, here’s my Indigo haul with three gift cards (approx. $70 in total), and some very deliberate consumer choices.


The first thing I bought with my gift cards was a Leuchtturm1917 journal, with dotted pages. A few weeks ago, I realized I wasn’t as organized as I wanted myself to be. Even though I tout my organization levels like I’m some kind of master, I realized that non-priority, but equally important, tasks were falling to the wayside.

With my bullet journal, I feel *somewhat* more organized, though I feel like I need to get in the groove of it first. However, I have found that the bullet journal system is helping me maintain a schedule and greater control over my monthly/weekly/daily tasks. Superficially, I also just love how the grey looks.

To accompany my Leuchtturm1917 bullet journal, I bought Faber-Castell PITT artist pens. Each of the four pens were a varying width, including a pen with a thick, inky brush-like tip for the calligraphy-inclined. Basically, they’re very fancy, very expensive pens, but also kind of worth it because the India ink is gorgeous. They also don’t bleed through the pages, so they’re perfect for stationery enthusiasts.

The Faber-Castell pens are definitely an unnecessary expense, so why did I buy these? Because the discourses surrounding consumerism have influenced me into thinking that I need these pens to make my bullet journal look pretty, when all I really need is a 10 cent pen. But that’s beside the point of a shopping haul blog post (I’ve returned to my critical Communications and English courses – can you tell?).


To the actual product that Indigo initially set out to sell: a book. Specifically, Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur. I’m sure most have already read this work of poetry, or have at least heard of it. It’s definitely a beautiful book with provocative, vulnerable artwork.

I haven’t read the book in its entirety yet, but I’m excited to! I’ve heard so many good thoughts about Kaur’s work, and I’m sure I’ll likely write a blog post in the future about the nature of this work, and its effects on me.

Finally, the last item I bought were 5-foot long fairy lights. I love these. I absolutely do not need them whatsoever, but they look so, so pretty when lit up in my room, and I think they will make a beautiful backdrop to future blog photos. The light itself is soft, not in the stark blinding manner that fluorescent lights can be, and a perfect accent to any room.

5-foot long fairly lights are pretty short in actuality (I’m 4″11, so I’ll let you figure out my existential crisis), so perhaps in the future I’ll snag the 10-foot length to further decorate. The 5-foot is barely enough to drape over a picture frame, but definitely long enough for blog photos.


In the end, I spent an extra $2.00 on top of my gift cards, which I’m pretty proud of. As you can tell, my haul was primarily non-book items, and I’m totally okay with it. With my English major background, most people might think that I would simply be hoarding books with Indigo gift cards, but no. I like to mix it up a little, and include unnecessary pens and fairy lights (that I don’t regret at all, by the way).

I love the purchases I made with the gift cards I had, especially the fairy lights that I turn on at night for a pretty glow before bed. What do you think about Indigo’s overhaul of lifestyle items? Anything you bought recently that you absolutely adore? Let me know in the comments!




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