May Summer Faves

Calgary Summer Faves

It’s June, which means that Calgary has finally reached the stage where we’re no longer afraid a snowstorm is going to rip through our streets. To celebrate that Calgary is tuning in with the rest of the world and actually having warm weather, this May Favourites post is going to centre around favourites I think are perfect for our Canadian two-month summer (the truth hurts when you realize we only get around 2 months of truly warm weather).


Favourite Summer Calgary “Restaurant”: Scrollio Ice Cream

Restaurant is in quotations because this isn’t a restaurant, but a NEW ice cream parlour in Calgary. Using that wonderful technique of Thai Rolled Ice Cream, Scrollio offers unique flavours from the Middle East. With Pychee (Pear and Lychee) and the sought after Bestani (saffron, rose, and crushed nuts), Scrollio is delicious, fresh, and perfect when you’re strolling down 17th Ave.


Oranges are not the only fruit

Favourite Summer Read: Oranges are not the Only Fruit by Jeanette Winterson

Usually, I like to find summer reads that are light hearted and fun, and Winterson’s novel is not. However, I love her writing, and the novel delves into themes and issues that are all too real, shocking, and heart-wrenching. The novel is gentle, explores the experiences of a young woman, and grates against your heart strings, making it a perfect summer read when lounging in the sun.


Favourite Summer Drink: Starbucks Pink Drink

This has been all over Instagram and Snapchat, so I’ll be surprised if you haven’t heard of this secret menu item yet. It’s super simple so you won’t be irritating your Starbucks barista, either.

Order a Very Berry Hibiscus Refresher with coconut milk instead of water, and you’ll thank me later. This stuff is my jam. It is so vibrant, light, and the coconut milk adds a tint of creaminess and flavour to the regular refresher. Also, the millennial pink drink isn’t too shabby either.


Favourite Summer Lip Product: PeriPera Lip Ink/Tint

I’m taking a break from my matte liquid lipsticks over the summer because they get way, way, way too heavy during this warm weather. On a hunt for easier, cute lips during the summer, I discovered the magic of lip tints.

PeriPera offers a fresh wash of bright colour, the perfect spring/summer look for people who want their lips to look vibrant, but not overly so. While the pigment is extremely fluorescent, once you blend it out, the PeriPera lip tint becomes translucent, and stays on all day. The tint is also amazing for ombre lips if you’re into that look – literally just blend away with the tip of your finger!



Favourite Cheap Summer Date: Walking. Everywhere.

Okay, I don’t know if this actually counts, but it counts in my books. For our dates lately, Chris and I have just been walking everywhere we can possibly get to. Yesterday, we decided to go for a “light” stroll around the neighbourhood that turned into a 3 hour trek landing us half comatose on the couch.

It’s free, fun, and you just get to spend time with your significant other without the guilt of eating everything in your sights (maybe that’s just us). Also, walking is much better for me than most physical activity because I have a weak knee, so combine this with a Starbucks Pink Drink, you’ve got the perfect summer date!


5 thoughts on “May Summer Faves

    1. Thank you!! I love creating diversity in my faves list. And ahh, I know, I’ve been MIA thanks to Spring courses, but will be back sooner than later! Thanks for the kind words 🙂


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