YYC’s First Ever Cat Cafe!

The day has finally come – Calgary’s first cat cafe has opened its doors! To the delight of pretty much everyone (cat allergic-individuals included), Regal Cat Cafe is now open in Kensington and ready for cuddles and lattes.

I’m lucky enough to have a couple friends who were BEYOND ready to join me on our journey to Regal Cat Cafe. Practically thrumming with excitement, we booked our reservations for 5:15 and were prepared to be me-owed.

First thing’s first: it’s important to get there early. Not just because you want to maximize kitty interaction time, but because you might also want to grab some treats and coffee before you head into the enclosure. The cafe area and enclosure are separated by glass walls, which is a different experience than what I expected, especially since I’ve watched YouTube videos where cats literally walk everywhere as you enjoy your snacks. Obviously, sanitary considerations are likely the reason, but I would love it if a cat walked all over my lap as I sipped a coffee.

My friend ordered a brownie, which was unfortunately dry. I didn’t try anything else other than the two treats, but if you do want some snacks, I would highly recommend the adorable cat macarons.

YYC Regal Cat Cafe
According to Regal Cat Cafe, Trapeze is now adopted! Just look at how pretty she is!

For 10$, you get to spend 45 minutes in the kitty enclosure. A variety of fishing pole-like toys and cardboard boxes are there for you to entice the cats with, and a wall of the cats’ names and information are displayed. What I love about Regal Cat Cafe is that the animals are from the Meow Foundation, an organization dedicated to re-homing cats. The kitties are on rotation, with new animals brought in every few weeks for variety and a chance of adoption.

The experience was pretty darn cute, with one cat even walking across my lap (I really felt like the chosen one). Though cats are nowhere near as sociable as my dog, I enjoyed playing with the younger, more energetic kittens (reminder that older, calmer cats deserve love too!). It was a purr-fectly purr-ific time.

Though I wouldn’t necessarily head back anytime soon (I have some furry friends of my own at home), I would highly recommend Regal Cat Cafe for anyone who needs a heavy dose of animal love or is looking to adopt a cat. I believe Trigger is still looking for a new home, and just look at how adorably calm he is in his cardboard box!

Regal Cat Cafe

303-10th Street NW Calgary

5 thoughts on “YYC’s First Ever Cat Cafe!

  1. I’ve wanted to visit a cat cafe for years but have never been fortunate enough to visit a city that has one! I understand the health codes needing to be followed, but I thought the cafe and petting areas were the same also.


    1. Yeah, it’s a shame that the areas are separated – it would be such a unique experience! But I definitely feel like health codes would be violated if a business actually attempted what we envisioned, which is such a shame :/


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