All About Fung Shui

Fung Shui is a Food & Lifestyle blog based in Calgary, Alberta, and my first foray into the lifestyle blogging community

I love my city for its diversity and its quickly changing landscape. New stores, restaurants, events, festivals – you name it, Calgary is building it. Whenever someone asks me where they should eat, I rattle off a list of restaurants memorized through gluttonous nights and countless hours scrolling through online menus and reviews.

But my blog doesn’t focus on just Calgary. Fung Shui is a balance of all parts of my life that make me who I am, an encapsulation of my life, dreams, goals, loves, and heart aches. I am in love with my city. I love food for all its nuances and the joy it brings me. I am in love with novels, writing that steals minds from present conflicts. I am in love with writing, and I will continue to write, in blog or prose, Fung Shui is my venture.

Follow me on my journey as I explore life and food. Thanks for reading, and please enjoy!