Hunting for the Best Thai in YYC

Because I am committed and determined to create interesting blog posts, I decided to go to two YYC Thai restaurants in the span of two days to test out their food. You may think that it’s just because I had Thai cravings and really, really love coconut rice and cashew chicken, but no – it’s because I was committed to writing a Thai food blog post. Not at all because I’m gluttonous and wanted a ton of Thai food.  Continue reading “Hunting for the Best Thai in YYC”

Mental Health and Self Care

I wanted to write a blog post about photography tips from an amateur, but that will have to wait. Over the past couple weeks, I’ve been stressed, anxious, and nervous about the personal, professional, and academic portions of my life. It’s that time of the year when assignments are due, finals are coming up, and for me, my work term with the best workplace I’ve ever been in is ending. Continue reading “Mental Health and Self Care”

TELUS Spark: Sustainable Food and Star Trek

Calgary’s TELUS Spark’s new restaurant, Social Eatery, is “home cooking with a global twist”. Chris and I were fortunate enough to try it out thanks to a generous friend of his, and we were especially excited once hearing that celebrity chef, Roger Mooking, was the master behind the tantalizing online images. It was a pretty great night of science and food, not to mention the Star Trek exhibit we went through!  Continue reading “TELUS Spark: Sustainable Food and Star Trek”

4 Books I Never Wanted to End

There’s always going to be those books you wish went on for ages. Those 300 pages just aren’t enough – you want the book to continue for another 300 more, and 300 more after that. These books are absolute treasures, and I covet every word. Continue reading “4 Books I Never Wanted to End”

March Faves

Can you believe it’s April already?! It seems like every time I blink I’m in the next month.

March, and 2017 in general, has been treating me well. It was the month I completed two presentations, handed in my final submission for my in the works novella, and was able to spend more time with my friends and Chris. Continue reading “March Faves”

Social Activism and Tea: Solidaritea

When I was at Heritage Park for the annual sugar festival, Chris and I happened across a table with little paper bags. I didn’t expect much from the table, and really wasn’t planning on spending any more money that day, but as I walked by, the woman behind the table started talking about her tea.  Continue reading “Social Activism and Tea: Solidaritea”

A Weekend in Banff

With Banff only an hour away from Calgary, it’s pretty easy to say that Banff is my favourite getaway, whether that’s a day trip or a longer stay. For an early birthday gift, Chris and I went for a weekend trip and came up with about a million things I wanted to do. Continue reading “A Weekend in Banff”

Calgary’s Rolled Ice Cream Scene

The first time I had rolled ice cream I was in foodie heaven. It was in Vancouver’s famous night market and it was everything I had hoped rolled ice cream would be. I had creeped Instagram and online videos with rolled ice cream before, but eating it for the first time, it was so good my boyfriend and I decided to buy another rolled ice cream before we left the night market. Continue reading “Calgary’s Rolled Ice Cream Scene”

Replacing Chips with Chickpeas

Today is a short blog post because who doesn’t love a quick and easy post for a quick and easy recipe? These chickpeas are sure to curb your appetite, while being easy enough to make that you can watch an X-Files episode on the side.

These chickpeas have all the crunch and satisfaction, but with less of the guilt that comes with downing a whole bag of Kettle chips – even if the packaging says it contains 25% less in sodium. Continue reading “Replacing Chips with Chickpeas”

The Beauty of Humanity Movement -Review

Though my father was born and raised in Vietnam, I never knew much about Vietnamese culture. I understood the basics of pho, and knew it was the land of women in ao dais and water buffalos – all images I had been exposed to while eating in Calgary’s Vietnamese restaurants. Picturesque and romantic, artwork related to Vietnam has generally evoked the same feelings of nostalgia and simple, country life. It was what I looked at every time I sat down with a bowl of pho, sipping sweet broth and listening to the restaurant’s intense volume of voices. Continue reading “The Beauty of Humanity Movement -Review”